Beautifully crafted products that uphold the legacy of William Morris

Steeped in history, Morris & Co. dates back to 1861 when the acclaimed designer William Morris
founded his first company. As custodians of the original company, Morris & Co. today preserves its unique Arts and Crafts heritage within its modern interpretations. Designs are often inspired by their extensive Morris & Co. archive, which houses historical log books, samples of every wallpaper, printed and woven textiles and the original wooden printing blocks. The ‘Pure Morris’ range is in perfect harmony with Morris’ values of craftsmanship and expertly executed patterns, recognising that as an interior designer he created rooms with honesty and simplicity. Harnessing this spirit, ‘Pure Morris’ present his iconic designs in a pared back, neutral palette, while maintaining the intricacies of the originals.

William Morris (1834–1896) was the single most influential designer of the nineteenth century. Morris was a political theorist, scholar, translator and publisher, an environmental campaigner, writer and poet as well as an outstanding designer. Under his direction Morris & Co. grew into a flourishing and fashionable decorating firm renowned for its wallpapers and textiles.

Originating in the Arts and Crafts movement popular in late Victorian ‘artistic homes of taste’, the company’s designs have never been more widely appreciated than they are now. Today Morris & Co. guarantees authentic versions of those designs alongside new interpretations, using innovations in printing and weaving technology to create up-to-date fabric and wallpaper designs with timeless appeal.

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